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We Create a Customised Solution for You

Our solutions are designed and developed using Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint to your exact specifications to improve the way you drive and analyse your data. We build your bespoke solution to automate tedious and time-consuming tasks, business processes and document creation.

Feeling overwhelmed trying to manage your financial data and business documents?

Imagine how you would feel if you could simplify, automate and analyse your processes at the click of a button?

Feel like you’re sinking from the sheer volume of work involved when copying and pasting from one file to another?

Do you often need to create multiple documents, i.e. contracts, compliance documents, invoices or financial reports and then convert these to PDFs?

You may be thinking, “there must be a quicker way”… there is!

Tailor-made Microsoft Office Solutions

Let us help you get the most out your Microsoft Office investment

Our bespoke solutions are code driven and mostly built in Excel, using formula and the built-in programming language, Visual Basic for Applications.

We help you take full advantage of Excel’s huge potential, which includes integration with Outlook and Word to streamline your processes so you can get the results you want quickly.

Our solutions are designed and developed to your exact specifications to improve the way you drive and analyse your data. We build your bespoke solution to automate tedious and time-consuming tasks, business processes and document creation.

Benefits of our bespoke solutions:

  • User-friendly dashboards for easy navigation and document automation
  • Improved analysis of raw data and automated dynamic reports
  • Streamlined processes, including integration with other applications
  • One-off problem solving to help you enhance key business activities


The key to a successful project is ensuring there’s a solid understanding of the requirements, challenges and potential difficulties. Initially, there will be some fact-finding and discussion with you to help us provide the best possible solution for your business. Ultimately, our aim is to save you time.

It’s important to us to collaborate with our clients on projects. We are experts in providing bespoke solutions using Microsoft Office applications, but you’re the expert in your industry - you know your organisation better than we ever could.

As no two projects are the same, the information below and our case studies should give you a good overview of our approach. The steps below also show how we tend to work with our clients, who are looking to get more from their Microsoft Office applications.


The foundation for a successful project is the initial consultation. This gives us the opportunity to understand your requirements and the bigger business picture.

After an initial discussion, we’ll send over a project specification to clarify what we believe you’re trying to achieve. At this point, anything can be revised as needed.

Once the specification is agreed, we’ll provide you with a quotation and an estimated delivery date. There is no obligation to continue at this point.

There’s not usually a ‘big reveal’ as it’s important that the perfect solution is being created. We begin by sending interim deliverables for you to review to ensure your expectations are aligned and any details can then be clarified, where needed.

The final step is delivery of the completed project. In most cases, everything works perfectly first time, but we’re always happy to fix any bugs or minor issues at no extra cost.

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Bespoke Training

SME Office Support offers standard and bespoke online training courses for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more recently Microsoft Teams. Learn how to maximise your use of these programs.


Need training for a specific purpose?

  • Choose the most relevant Microsoft Office course or the level needed to help you or your team master any of the tasks from our standard training packages. Although our standard courseware is pre-set, the topics we cover are flexible. We allow for any queries specific to the participants’ work to maximise relevance.
  • View course outlines

Don’t see what you want? Try our bespoke training service!


Need staff training that relates specifically to your business?

  • We can deliver tailored training that is relevant to your business requirements. Our Training Needs Analysis enables us to evaluate current tasks and processes, and to identify any wish lists and skills gaps. We can then provide highly focused and relevant training to help you and your staff to work SMARTER.

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Standard Training

Microsoft Teams

This course is intended to help all users get started with Teams, use messages and channels, communicate in different ways, and customise Teams settings. By the end of this course, users should be comfortable using the Teams app in their day-to-day workflow.

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Microsoft Word - Introduction (1 day)

Word 2013 / 365 to create and edit simple documents; format documents; add tables and lists; add design elements and layout options; and proof documents.

Learn More

Microsoft Word - Intermediate (1 day)

In this course you will create more complex documents that include lists, tables, charts, graphics, and newsletter layouts. You will also merge data into documents to personalise correspondence and address envelopes and labels.

Learn More

Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction

Office 2010-365. Our Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction course is suitable for complete beginners to Microsoft PowerPoint or used as a refresher.

Learn More

Microsoft PowerPoint – Advanced (1 day)

2013 / 365 This course has been designed for users who already have an understanding of PowerPoint but would like to improve their skills.

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Microsoft Word - Advanced (1 day)

This Microsoft Word 2013 / Office 365 Advanced training course is for anyone who works with lengthy documents, collaborate with others, or create forms. This course will show you how to use Word efficiently to accomplish these tasks.

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Microsoft Word – Mail Merge and Graphics Made Easy User (½-day)

Word 2013 / Office 365 A half-day training course where you can learn the very useful features of how to mail merge and how to use graphics, icons and photographs to create eye-catching documents.

Learn More

Microsoft Outlook – Organize, Prioritize, Produce!

2013 Office 365 In this course, you will explore the advanced features provided with the Outlook interface, such as advanced message, calendar, and contacts management. You will also spend a lot of time on Tasks and learn ways to organize your list of things To-Do in a way that will make you more productive.

Learn More

Microsoft Word – Electronic Forms and Macro Basics (½-day)

2013 / Office 365 This half-day course is designed for all users of Microsoft Word and shows how to set up electronic forms and also looks at the basics of recording macros.

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Microsoft Excel - An Introduction (1 day)

2013 / Office 365 This one-day course starts at the beginning and designed for first-time users of Microsoft Excel. It introduces entering and editing cells and simple statistical functions and it also covers setting up a layout and how to create charts quickly.

Learn More

Microsoft Excel – Beyond the Basics (1 day)

2013 / Office 365 If you have used Microsoft Excel for a while but have never really looked at what it can offer you then this one-day course covers features of Microsoft Excel beyond the basics that many self-taught users are familiar with including charts and sparklines, functions, filtering, and cell referencing.

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Microsoft Excel – Advanced User (1 day)

2013 / Office 365 If you have been using Excel for some time now and want to take it further and develop more functionality in Excel then this one-day course covers features for experienced users of Microsoft Excel, and is an ideal follow-on from the Beyond the Basics course. We look at worksheet revision, advanced formatting and functions, using external data, data validation, pivot tables, scenarios, and what-if analysis.

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1-2-1 Training - Tame Your Inbox

Are you an email junkie? One of the biggest daily time drains for most small business owners is procrastination over emails. Constantly checking emails or being lured in by mouth watering and exciting notifications are not only disruptions to your concentration but are a massive drain on your productivity. Emails created are not equal and very few of them should deserve the right to interrupt and distract! This 1-2-1 training will help you transform the way you manage emails and tasks. You'll learn key strategies to process emails efficiently and automated tools to help you to do that!

  • Category: 1-2-1 ONLINE TRAINING
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours

Price:£137 £107

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"Whether it's a full end to end systems or small report generators my goal is to automate the process and make IT work so the user doesn’t have to"

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Kandi has been with the owner since the start in 2014. The Yorkshire Terrier in her makes her a loving part of the business although feisty at times. The Border Terrier part of her makes her high energy with a great personality. She's loyal and fearless which means her job as security is perfect.

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Case Study

Excel Development - Creating a Faster Invoice System

Our client, Rachel Hayward, is a professional bid writer, business consultant and lead consultant for Ask the Chameleon, an awards and tender writing company. Rachel’s background includes organisational development and an exceptional HR career. Due to her extensive private and public sector bid and tender writing experience, she has successfully secured £12m in funding for Ask the Chameleon clients.Rachel believes strongly in the power of networking connections and has been nominated for a whole host of awards for her business. Ask the Chameleon has won the Small Business 100 Award and the Federation of Small Business - East Midlands Micro-Business of the Year 2019.

Finance system improvements needed

SME Office Support met Rachel at a networking meeting in Derby. During our conversation, she discovered that we offered bespoke automated solutions using MS Office applications. Rachel needed help creating, managing and tracking invoices quickly and efficiently. She also wanted an instant way to view how her business was performing financially.We had a 1-2-1 and discussed how we could help improve Rachel’s current finance system. Through this fact-finding exercise, we gained a better understanding of her business goals and current processes, as well as discussing key areas for improvement and her wish list.Rachel explained that time was essential; she needed to be able to continue to grow her business and to deliver a high standard of service to both existing and new clients.

Manual finance system open to errors

Rachel recognised the current system she’d created to manage her business finances and invoices was inefficient, disjointed and time consuming. As her business was growing, she had neither the time nor skills to be able to improve the invoice process to the level she required. Her current finance and reporting system for sales, invoices and budgets was created using separate Excel and Word files.

Rachel was experiencing the following challenges:

  • The current system involved a lot of data duplication, including manual input and then copy-pasting to get results, which also increased the risk of errors.
  • Due to the manual input and calculation, there were inefficiencies; she had to navigate from one application to another for invoicing, resulting in broken or inconsistent formulae.
  • There was no effective method of creating, managing and tracking sent or paid invoices.
  • Best practice for laying out data in Excel was not being used, which prevented useful functions, such as automation, analysis, reporting and the summarising of data.
  • Invoices were created in Word involving manual calculations, and the customer name and address had to be retyped repetitively each time an invoice was raised.
  • A manual process was used for tracking sales targets and actuals.
  • Managing the current finance system was too time consuming.

Proposed Solution

Following our initial meeting, SME Office Support signed a Confidentiality Agreement. This enabled Rachel to be able to confidently send through her working files in Excel and Word, which she had been using to manage her business finances.

The consultation and following documents were key to helping SME Office Support gain a solid understanding of the business requirements, so that a bespoke, automated solution could be designed and developed. From this information, an Outline Specification document was created, summarising the key elements of a customised solution for Rachel’s specific business needs.

Once the system specification was agreed with Rachel, a Booking Form with T&Cs, along with a quotation including project timescales, were both signed to enable the work to commence. The project was designed using Excel with Visual Basics for Applications (VBA).
Interim deliverables were sent to Rachel to review and test throughout the system build, which included the following key features:

  • Navigation Buttons
  • Client Database
  • Invoice Generator
  • Invoice Tracker
  • Sales Reports
  • Income and Expense Report
  • Budget Report
  • Admin Section

Final Solution: Faster invoice tracking & management system

The following improvements were made to Rachel’s finance system:

  • The navigation buttons make it easier for her to move to various sections, as she uses a touch screen device.
  • Data is no longer duplicated, and the layout/user interface is simple to understand.
  • Invoices are created using a simple, user-friendly template with automated sequential invoice numbering, drop down menus and automatic calculations.
  • An Admin section and instructional text have been included to support the user.
  • The use of macros means that several tasks can be performed in less than 2 seconds at the click of a button. This includes naming and saving the invoice as a PDF in a specified folder in the Admin sheet, opening an email and attaching the PDF invoice, updating the invoice tracker and sales reports.

The solution created for Rachel has streamlined and automated her processes into a simple workbook.

As a result, her improved finance system has reduced the amount of time spent on her invoicing processes.

Rachel can now spend more time focused on managing and growing her business.

Rachel Hayward, Ask the Chameleon

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