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Easy to navigate user interface Custom built form to simplify data entry Search and filter options to quickly find relevant suppliers Easily send bulk email enquiries to suppliers

Our solutions not only make documents and data look good but also save businesses time and effort.

Excel Development

Our tailored solutions will help streamline your processes and automate workflow with spreadsheets, custom user forms and templates for automation and time efficient solutions.

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Word Templates

Word is the word processing powerhouse in Microsoft's Office suite. We develop and build branded templates for you to easily tap into this power for professional and consistent looking documents.

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Online Forms

We build customised Microsoft Forms and integrate with Excel for reporting so you can quickly easily collect data and see results in real-time

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Enjoy a ‘feel good factor’ by learning key strategies and automation hacks to declutter your inbox.

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Learn how to work with images and apply transitions to create ‘Wow Factor’ videos to really help get your showcase your products or services in an engaging way.

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Using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse enables you to work faster, more efficiently and with increased precision, thereby saving you time and improving your productivity.

An often-overlooked method of increasing productivity when working in an Excel model is to use Excel keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts can perform major functions that, when used instead of clicking in the toolbar, dramatically increase efficiency and speed. Imagine simply pressing two or three keys on the keyboard as opposed to moving your hand to the mouse, moving the mouse, and clicking several times. Download these 50+ Excel keyboard shortcuts and get your geek on!

None of us are as smart as ALL OF US!

Carol Watson

Microsoft Office Solutions Expert (Owner)

“I set up SME Office Support in 2014 to help sole traders and SMEs harness the power of Microsoft Office applications, work SMARTER and reach their business goals.”

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Jason Ensor

Software Developer - VBA and C# .Net.

"Whether it's a full end to end systems or small report generators my goal is to automate the process and make IT work so the user doesn’t have to"

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Sarah Doyle

Virtual Assistant

I have extensive business experience through past employments, working in many sectors including retail, hospitality, manufacturing and highly-driven sales environments.

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Kandi Watson


Kandi has been with the owner since the start in 2014. The Yorkshire Terrier in her makes her a loving part of the business although feisty at times. The Border Terrier part of her makes her high energy with a great personality. She's loyal and fearless which means her job as security is perfect.

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