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Upskill Your Team to Boost Business Growth

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SME Office Support works with businesses in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and across the East Midlands to increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace by unlocking the power of Microsoft Office applications.

We help drive your business forward by providing effective staff training in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, which can be tailored to your exact needs.

Our ‘Closed Company’ training means there won’t be any other delegates in the training session, except for your staff members. Your staff will be trained together and the sole focus will be on your specific business requirements.

  • Between 2-8 delegates
  • Exclusive sessions for your business
  • Instructor-led training from a highly experienced trainer
  • Comprehensive course materials and certificate of course completion
  • Flexible training at a date/time suitable for you, on or off-site
Find out about our Standard Training here or our Bespoke Training here.

Email c.watson@smeofficesupport.co.uk  for more information or to book a consultation.or register your interest here for a callback.
Upskill Your Team to Boost Business Growth Upskill Your Team to Boost Business Growth

Your Trainer

Microsoft Office training - do less achieve more

Carol Watson started using technology over 30 years’ ago in support roles.  Over the years, her problem-solving skills and creative thinking have been utilised to design, develop, test and roll out automated systems.  

Due to her expert, technical knowledge, experience and qualifications, Carol’s career progressed to delivering staff training at all levels in a variety of sectors. She also worked as an invigilator of ECDL and CLAiT qualifications, both widely recognised by employers as proof of ability and competence when working with IT.

As well as developing cost-efficient tools and processes for businesses, Carol has a natural ability when it comes to finding creative solutions and analysing skills gaps. She is an enthusiastic trainer with excellent people skills.

“I see so many companies wasting precious time and resources with repetitive tasks that often result in duplicate processes.  My sole aim is to increase your team’s productivity, which will also help to increase your profit margin.”
Your Trainer Your Trainer

Training Options

Microsoft Office training - do less achieve more


Need to keep staff on-site? This is the most cost-effective option; your team won’t need to travel as we will come to you. All we ask is that you provide a suitable training room with a Windows PC or laptop for each delegate, loaded with relevant software (we can also supply laptops, if required).


Prefer staff training to take place outside of the office? Choose this option to have training delivered off-site in a venue local to you, along with refreshments (provided). You can choose to bring your own laptops, or we can provide laptops for each delegate loaded with relevant software. You can also choose to have a light lunch.


Need staff training for a specific purpose? You choose the level or the most relevant course to help your staff achieve any required tasks from our standard training packages. Although our standard courseware is pre-set, the topics we cover are flexible and allow for queries specific to the participants work ensuring maximum relevance.


Need staff training that relates specifically to your business? We can deliver tailored training that is relevant to your business requirements. Our Training Needs Analysis enables us to evaluate current tasks and processes, and to identify any wish lists and skills gaps. We can then provide highly focused and relevant training to help you and your staff to work SMARTER.

Standard Training

Microsoft Word - Introduction (1 day)

Word 2013 / 365 to create and edit simple documents; format documents; add tables and lists; add design elements and layout options; and proof documents.

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Microsoft Word - Intermediate (1 day)

In this course you will create more complex documents that include lists, tables, charts, graphics, and newsletter layouts. You will also merge data into documents to personalise correspondence and address envelopes and labels.

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Microsoft Word - Advanced (1 day)

This Microsoft Word 2013 / Office 365 Advanced training course is for anyone who works with lengthy documents, collaborate with others, or create forms. This course will show you how to use Word efficiently to accomplish these tasks.

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Microsoft Word – Mail Merge and Graphics Made Easy User (½-day)

Word 2013 / Office 365 A half-day training course where you can learn the very useful features of how to mail merge and how to use graphics, icons and photographs to create eye-catching documents.

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Microsoft Word – Electronic Forms and Macro Basics (½-day)

2013 / Office 365 This half-day course is designed for all users of Microsoft Word and shows how to set up electronic forms and also looks at the basics of recording macros.

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Microsoft Excel - An Introduction (1 day)

2013 / Office 365 This one-day course starts at the beginning and designed for first-time users of Microsoft Excel. It introduces entering and editing cells and simple statistical functions and it also covers setting up a layout and how to create charts quickly.

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Microsoft Excel – Beyond the Basics (1 day)

2013 / Office 365 If you have used Microsoft Excel for a while but have never really looked at what it can offer you then this one-day course covers features of Microsoft Excel beyond the basics that many self-taught users are familiar with including charts and sparklines, functions, filtering, and cell referencing.

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Microsoft Excel – Advanced User (1 day)

2013 / Office 365 If you have been using Excel for some time now and want to take it further and develop more functionality in Excel then this one-day course covers features for experienced users of Microsoft Excel, and is an ideal follow-on from the Beyond the Basics course. We look at worksheet revision, advanced formatting and functions, using external data, data validation, pivot tables, scenarios, and what-if analysis.

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Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction

Office 2010-365. Our Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction course is suitable for complete beginners to Microsoft PowerPoint or used as a refresher.

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Microsoft PowerPoint – Advanced (1 day)

2013 / 365 This course has been designed for users who already have an understanding of PowerPoint but would like to improve their skills.

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Microsoft Outlook – Organize, Prioritize, Produce!

2013 Office 365 In this course, you will explore the advanced features provided with the Outlook interface, such as advanced message, calendar, and contacts management. You will also spend a lot of time on Tasks and learn ways to organize your list of things To-Do in a way that will make you more productive.

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Bespoke Training

Our Proven Process to Ensure Training Success

Our Training Needs Analysis helps us to evaluate current tasks and processes within your organisation and identify any wish lists and skills gaps. This information will be used to provide highly focused, relevant training for you and your staff. 



Quality, effective, flexible training packages at a time and date to suit you


Discover tools and hidden gems to automate processes and boost productivity


Training Needs Analysis to identify skills gaps for focused, relevant training


Closed company on-site training is far more cost effective than public scheduled courses.