Jason Ensor
Software Developer - VBA and C# .Net.

"Whether it's a full end to end systems or small report generators my goal is to automate the process and make IT work so the user doesn’t have to"

Jason started to learn about coding at an early age before attending university as a mature student to acquire his BSc Hons in Computer Science.  He has worked as a VBA developer building automated solutions since 1990 and has industry experience using C# language and .Net framework as well as experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and C++.  

As a valuable member of SME Office Support team since 2015, Jason has continued to work alongside the owner, Carol Watson, to help provide bespoke solutions as a freelance developer.   

"In my industry you never stop learning.  You're often faced with challenges but that's exactly why I enjoy what I do.  To find the best solution is always rewarding and I learn something new nearly every day!"

Jason is creative and innovative as well as having excellent technical skills.  This forward thinking enables him to quickly think outside the box to find and build a solution but to know when the solution is ..... to rebuild the box!