Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

This course is intended to help all users get started with Teams, use messages and channels, communicate in different ways, and customise Teams settings. By the end of this course, users should be comfortable using the Teams app in their day-to-day workflow.

Getting Started

In this first lesson, students will learn what Microsoft Teams is, how to launch Teams, the Team interface, setting up and accessing teams as well as how to use the desktop and mobile apps.  They will also learn how to use channels and post messages, and how to get help in Teams.

Communicating in Channels

Next, students will learn how to manage and do more with messages, how to manage files in a channel and how to use the wiki.

Using Other Communication Tools

Using Chat and managing meetings and files are covered in this lesson.

Customising Channels

In this next lesson, customising channels and adding tabs and connectors to a channel are covered.

Customising Your Teams Experience

In the final lesson, students will learn how to manage their Teams profile, how to manage teams and how to add bots and apps to Teams.

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Topic A: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Topic B: Using Channels

Topic C: Posting Messages

Topic D: Getting Help with Microsoft Teams

Lesson 2: Communicating in Channels

Topic A: Managing Messages

Topic B: Doing More with Messages

Topic C: Managing Files in a Channel

Topic D: Using the Wiki

Lesson 3: Using Other Communication Tools

Topic A: Using Chat (Part 1)

Topic B: Using Chat (Part 2)

Topic C: Managing Meetings

Topic D: Managing Files in Teams

Lesson 4: Customising Channels

Topic A: Customising Channels

Topic B: Adding Tabs to a Channel

Topic C: Adding Connectors to a Channel

Lesson 5: Customising Your Teams Experience

Topic A: Managing Your Teams Profile

Topic B: Managing Teams

Topic C: Adding Apps and Bots