Tame Your Outlook Inbox

Are you an email junkie? One of the biggest daily time drains for most small business owners is procrastination over emails. Constantly checking emails or being lured in by mouth watering and exciting notifications are not only disruptions to your concentration but are a massive drain on your productivity. Emails created are not equal and very few of them should deserve the right to interrupt and distract! This 1-2-1 training will help you transform the way you manage emails and tasks. You'll learn key strategies to process emails efficiently and automated tools to help you to do that!

  • Category: 1-2-1 ONLINE TRAINING
  • Duration: 02:00 Hours

Price:£210 £175



Note: Windows operating system and Outlook 365 or 2016/2019 is required as well as access to Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Transform the way you manage your email communications and tasks with a simple to use process using key strategies and automated Outlook tools.

Find out more about your trainer Carol Watson.

What you’ll learn:
Are you using Outlook to the best of its capabilities? 

How many emails do you have in your Inbox?

In this 2 hour 1-2-1 session you will find out how to use Outlook as a powerful tool to enhance your productivity for your business through the use of some of the more advanced features within the application.

"I had the pleasure of attending the “Tame your inbox” workshop and its totally transformed the way I run my business communications, it’s made me more efficient through learning multiple techniques from Carol meaning I spend less time in my in box and more time with my clients – a win win!"

Karen Cureton, Cureton Consulting

You will learn to …

  • Set up Outlook to find key commands quickly and easily
  • Create and use a simpler more efficient folder structure to work with automation tools
  • Find items efficiently using Search and Filter
  • Use Categories and Conditional Formats to manage emails and tasks
  • Automate processes with Rules and Quick Steps
  • Set up templates and content for messages with or without attachments for speedy communication

What's included?
This session will help you get more from your Outlook programme:

  • Time Saving Features
  • AutoText
  • Quick Steps
  • Rules
  • Conditional Formats
  • Categories
  • 4Ds of Email Management
  • Search and Search Folders

Plus 50 Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts in PDF format