21 Feb

If you use Excel but don't know about macros you could be missing a trick!  You can use macros to record a sequence of keystrokes and commands which can be played back at the click of a button!  Macros really speed up and automate your processes.

For example if you're a sole trader you may create invoices using Excel and manually log and track each invoice you send out in a separate workbook. This process can be time consuming and involves lots of duplication.  To speed up the process you could record a macro to do the work for you at the CLICK OF A BUTTON.  We have a FREE video tutorial on how to create a macro here.

Alternatively, we can create solutions for you and we even take it a step further.  We use coding (Visual Basic for Applications) to tailor automated solutions that meet our clients specific needs.  We build tools to automate processes and help our clients save time and work more efficiently.  We can create simple macro buttons to add to existing workbooks or we can build a whole automated solution integrating with other applications.  Our video example shows a very basic macro button in action.  The video below demonstrates clicking the button runs the macro to perform the following steps in about a second:

  • Converts the invoice to PDF
  • Saves the PDF by invoice name in the relevant folder
  • Opens Outlook
  • Attaches the invoice as PDF ready to send to client  

Raise your speed limit with Macros.

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